Hi there,

my name is Marcus Röckendorf, aka 'MAC' from Duisburg, Germany. Welcome to my homepage!

I'm a ...

  • Game developer
  • Application developer
  • Code library developer
  • Asset designer
  • Musician
  • Voice over artist

Currently working on Wormventures - Barrier 51, a 3D cartoon point&click adventure game and sqUId, a complete and feature rich UI system for PureBasic.

I released my stuff under different labels, be it Bullshit Softworx for software or Basement Kitchen / MAC for my music. But recently I compiled it all under the label Basement Society which resembles the fact, that I work in my basement lab in Duisburg, Germany to make my music, develop my software and tinker with electronics from time to time.

This homepage/blog will give an overview about what I'm currently doing. After using Joomly and Wordpress for several years I decided to go back to the roots, which meant making the whole site static by using HUGO, an excellent and blazing fast static site generator written in GO. The Theme used is called Clarity done by Chip Zoller and many contributors. Thanks to these people for the nice Theme! Have you seen yet that you can switch between light and dark mode in the upper right corner? That's nice!

If you want to get in contact with me use one of the following email adresses:

webmaster (at) mac-bs.de
basement.society (at) mac-bs.de

Have fun discovering the site!