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DocMaker is a tool to automatically create documentations for your programs. It's a bit like "JavaDoc" but for PureBasic with some nice features. Just write the infos for the documentation inside your procedures and use the tool to make a HTML documentation at the click of a button. It is possible to tag procedures, enumerations, structures and the code itself. Chapters can be defined to structure the documentation. It's possible to use html tags within the comments to use them in the final documentation. Example codes, images, links to other procedures or enumeration lists and more are available to use.

  • English UI.
  • Windows only

How it works

  1. Include the information you want to your procedures:
1Procedure DocMakerTest(SomeText.s, Value.i=0)
2  ;@ This is a procedure to test DocMaker's functionality.
3  ;@param SomeText Some text to give to the procedure.
4  ;@param Value A value to give the procedure as a parameter. <i>(optional)</i>
5  ;@return This procedure returns nothing.
6  Debug "The text: "+SomeText
7  Debug "Given Value: "+Value
  1. Start the DocMaker tool and add the source code file to the file list
  2. Export the HTML documentation


  • Automatically collects general, procedure, enumeration and structure comments
  • Sorting of procedures, enumerations and structures to chapters
  • Configurable html style (colors, sizes, …)
  • Configurable export options (export a table of contents yes/no, process enumerations, structures, procedures, …)
  • Automatic creation of internal links
  • Support for example code, images, links, …

Used tags

General tags for documentation layouting
1;@title The title of the project/documentation
2;@author The author of the project/documentation
3;@version The version of the project/documentation
4;@chapter The title of the current chapter
5;@ Description (can be multilined) All descriptions that are not in a procedure, enumeration block or structure block will be considered as chapter descriptions
Tags for Procedures
 1;@ Description (can be multilined)
 2;@author The name of the author
 3;@version The version
 4;@param Name Description (A parameter name and a description (\n for line feed))
 5;@event Name
 6;@attribute Name Rights Description (An attribute this procedure processes (\n for line feed))
 7;@return Description of the return value
 8;@link Type Link
 9;@code Some code here
10;@image An image file
Tags for Enumerations
1;@name The name of a enumeration list
2;@ Description (can be multilined)
3; A commentary behind a constant in a enumeration block will be saved as the description (\n for line feed)
Tags for Structures
1;@ Description (can be multilined)

A manual with all information needed is included.

The source code for the tool is included, too, but won't be compilable because it uses sqUId as the UI system which is not included with the download. But it can be used to see how the processing of the data works.


Download DocMaker V1.01 (689.1kB)
Download DocMaker from

Version history

Version 1.01
  • NEW: Added the current version number to the windows title
  • NEW: Added tooltips for the color buttons
  • FIX: Structures were not written to the table of contents
  • FIX: Constants that were referenced in a comment were considered to be constants in a enumeration block
Version 1.0
  • Initial release