Work in progress

Wormventures - Barrier 51

3D cartoon point&click adventure game


Simple & Quick UI Designer for PureBasic


Looky - The Adventure

2D cartoon point&click adventure game



A library / tool to create documentations from PureBasic source codes.

WME Visual Script Editor

A feature rich script editor for the Wintermute Engine.

WME Visual Dialogue Editor

A tool for creating dialogues for use with the Wintermute Engine.

WME Toolbox

A collection of tools in a single application for the Wintermute Engine.

Root Sucker

A tool that moves files from a directory tree to the root directory.

Music albums

MAC - Beloved Solitude


MAC - Virtual Virtuosity


Basement Kitchen - Year Of The Snake


Basement Kitchen - Project 10


Basement Kitchen - The Nightmare Factory

[WIP] (20xx)

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