MAC - Styx

A new video of a song from my upcoming fourth album "Project 10". The song is about what death says when he comes to guide you to Hades. Have fun with it!

Song written, performed, recorded and mixed by Marcus 'MAC' Röckendorf in 2011. Video shot and edited by Marcus 'MAC' Röckendorf in 2012. Copyright by Marcus 'MAC' Röckendorf.


 1Calm down
 2Fight the shiver
 3Let go
 4Pass the river
 6Knock knock
 7Knock knock
 8Who is it on the door
 9It's me
10It's death
11You're the one I'm looking for
12Don't run don't hide
13Come silently outside
14Don't run don't hide
15Come to the other side
17For you it's time
18I know you're feelin' fine
19Don't struggle don't whine
20Now your ass is mine
21Don't fight it's right
22There is no shiny light
23Don't fight it's right
24Come to the other side