All characters done

When the shit hits the fan

Bad news first: Last Monday my hard drive where all my project data was got corrupted and a whole lot of data got lost. The problem was I didn't realize it immediately and had to figure out, what was going wrong. I spent until Wednesday evening to build in a new hard drive, copy all the data over and reconstruct the project (and some others as well) from my backups.

Good news: Everything is rescued and now I am back on the track again, but the whole thing cost me three days of my precious time.

Next milestone reached: All characters done

Yeah, it's time to let the corks pop: All characters are created and also implemented into the game. I even was able to redo two characters which were already done, but had issues with animations and blend shapes. They are now working as expected and look very good. Maybe I find the time later to create some extras to populate some scenes. Maybe some random worms could crawl around Few Pork or something, but the characters that are important for the game are done.

The next thing is to create three statues and a figurehead for a ship that are in the game and are not only for visuals, but also important for puzzles as well. Two of the statues are already created and in the game. One statue and the figurehead are still to do.

A golden statue

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