Crawling into the light: Wormventures – Barrier 51

Hi, my name is Marcus and I’m currently developing a Point&Click Adventure called „Wormventures – Barrier 51“. It’s going to be a classic humorous cartoon adventure game with a surprising story and full 3D graphics.

Best of both worlds

I’m trying to utilize the best of modern 3d graphics, including cinematic cutscene in game (not pre-rendered), dynamic camera movements and close-ups in dialogs and while examining something in a scene, but keeping the classic point-and-click controls, that makes playing an adventure game easy and comfortable for us nostalgics.

Since development is in a stable state (most of the design decisions are made, core mechanics are stable and most of the game is playable), I’d like to share some information about the game from now on like screenshots, some development news, status updates and random rants about things that do not work as I expected.

In the past in my humble opinion it was better to work on the game in the (rare) free time I have than posting thing in the internet, but I’m at the point now that wants me to reach out to the world to tell what I’m doing. Yes, maybe I’m a bit proud of what I achieved so far and I have some appetite to show the world. Take this as the launch of my development blog, that I’m promising to fill with life as the development goes on.

I currently don’t know what update schedule I will manage to keep, but I think about at least weekly updates. What I plan to post about is the current state of the game, insights about the development like designing scenes, workflows, tools I use, technical things and some background informations about the world I created. And of course I would like to hear what you think about it.

So let’s start this journey with a small video clip from the game. This is Looky in the local post office.


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