The Briefing Room and more characters

I'm currently working on the last missing characters of the game. I had to create some soldiers and a general for a secret military base on Terra Grande Vermis. Here are some images:

General John Jayram-Bo Soldier Jack Jamesonworm

Another new character is Don Pati. He is part of the family, ya know. Da family!

Don Pati

Done is also Worm Doe, a mysterious guy that Looky meets in the city of Few Pork, the capital of Terra Grande Vermis.

Worm Doe

I also designed a whole new scene for that military base: A briefing room, where Looky gets some important information later in the game.

Briefing Room

What's still left to do is creating a pet for the antagonist of the game. It took me some days to come up with some concept art, but I think it paid off:

The pet

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