Demo version updates/bug fixes

The beta rounds for the demo version of the game were successful and some changes were made based on feedback of the testers:

  • [NEW] Initial language selection on first game start
  • [NEW] Long dialog lists (>5 entries) can now be scrolled with the mouse wheel
  • [NEW] The Escape key can now be used to toggle pause mode
  • [NEW] The Inventory can now be scrolled with the mouse wheel
  • [FIX] Dialog boxes now render correctly in all screen resolutions
  • [FIX] Fixed bug in scene "Village": Looky sometimes slowed down while crawling because he had to push the invisible mailworm
  • [FIX] Music is now stopped when the game is paused
  • [FIX] The Inventory now works in all screen resolutions
  • [FIX] "Remember..." components on game objects were corrupted which caused errors when saving/loading game saves

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