Fear scenes

It was about time to revisit some scenes that I personally titled "Angst-Szenen" ("fear scenes" translated literally). Those are scenes that were already done but without an important detail or two, where I knew what it should look like, but didn't have an idea how it could be implemented.

Enough procrastination

One of these scenes was the "Gangsterschranke" (gangster barrier), a place in the swamps of Ugly Island. I needed some special animations there and I can't get into detail without spoiling the corresponding puzzles. Now that time is running out I was confronted with finding a solution to the problem immediately and not thinking about the best way to do it for another three years. Sometimes it is good for the mind to know that you can't procrastinate any further about that and have to do it now. In the end I didn't have to create a single new animation for the whole scene to work, but use the power of clever camera cuts along with sound and visual effects. The scene is done and I'm happy with the result but as I said, the whole thing wouldn't have been finished for years if I hadn't set me a time limit like "This scene will be done this evening, no matter what it will look like...".

Rendering movies to textures

Another thing I delayed a long time was the implementation of a TV with animated content visible on the screen, some static shown at the right moment and some other details that I again can't get into detail without spoiling too much. As it turned out it wasn't that hard to implement than I thought and that task is done, too:

Three pals watching TV

I still have some of these "Angst Szenen" to defeat, but will get them done. One of them is a cutscene in the Elders' Oak, where Looky has to open a door. Yes, just opening a door. It is not locked even. Don't ask...

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