MacOS support dropped

As a game developer, you obviously want as many people as possible to be able to play your creation, but sometimes you have to be sensible...

After some time of testing on MacOS, I decided with a heavy heart to no longer release the game for this system. There are too many different problems that have arisen there. For one player the installation via Steam doesn't work, for another it works but it won't start. For someone else, both installation and startup work, but there are countless graphical errors that make it impossible to play.

Since I don't have an Apple system myself, it's difficult for me to isolate the errors myself and I have to rely on other people. These are not good conditions for being able to offer support for an application or game. My motto is: Better not to offer the game on a system at all than to disappoint the players and not even be able to help them when they encounter technical problems.

In my childish naivety, I assumed that if the Unity Engine offered the ability to create a build for MacOS, there would be no problems with this, but I was proven wrong.

Maybe in the future I will find a way to make the game playable on MacOS and also be able to offer decent support. In this case, I would of course publish a MacOS port, but under the current circumstances, publishing it would be irresponsible.

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