A new procedural sky system

Since Wormventures - Barrier 51 is in a state of feature completion which means every system for doing stuff in the game is implemented and will not change from now on to keep focus on the content, I couldn't help but change my current way to draw skies in the scenes.

Yes, I know, it was the LAST system I changed. I promise.

But the new solution for sky drawing is so much better. My old sky was a blue color gradient in the background of each scene with two layers of clouds that rotated around the scene, which was ok but not what it deserved to be.

The old sky
The new sky has procedurally created cloud layers, it can do day and night transitions, is much easier to implement and simply looks great.
The new sky
For those interested: I now use a system from the Unity Asset Store called "Jupiter - Procedural Sky".

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