Press Release: State of development / New Trailer / Playtime

Duisburg, Germany - January, 1st 2024

Quick reminder

Wormventures - Barrier 51 is a funny classic 3D cartoon point and click adventure solo developed by Marcus Röckendorf (that's me). It will be available for PCs running Windows, Linux or MacOS. A Steam page and a press kit page are available. It will feature German voice overs and subtitles as well as subtitles in English.

State of development

After a month off of my professional work for diving into full time game development in October 2023 the game is basically finished. All visuals, sound effects, dialogues, puzzles and the UI are final and locked. I'm currently polishing the last two of seven chapters, the others are already polished and (hopefully) bug free.

Most scenes after chapter 2 still need fitting background music, which I will not record myself, but pick from my gigantic pool of music tracks I bought in the past years, but finding the right track for a scene is still a quite time consuming task.

While the dialogues are proof read and translated into English, I coordinate the recordings of the German voice overs.

My plan for releasing the full game in 2023 didn't work out well and my current plan is a release in Q1 of 2024.

The game will be available on Steam but I am currently evaluating more (DRM-free if possible) publishing options.

New Trailer

A new trailer was released in the meantime, which is available on the press kit page and the official YouTube channel alongside other videos.


I recently made a playthrough of the whole game and measured the playtimes for each chapter. Based on this I estimate a playtime of 12 - 14 hours for the whole game. More details on this in the corresponding blog post here

More information and the development blog can be found on the official Wormventures - Barrier 51 Homepage.


Steam page YouTube Channel Homepage Press-Kit

With kind regards Marcus 'Mac' Röckendorf (Basement Society)