Current statistics

Time to throw around some numbers and do some statistics.

Line count

I just did an export of all text lines featured in the game. Currently there are 8.167 entries in the database. That doesn't necessarily mean that there are as much speech lines. A database entry could be a one word long caption of a hotspot or a whole page in a book.

Word count

So maybe a word count is more precise in that matter. I (or a tool of mine to be more specific) counted 55.428 words, which means that if I would go to Fiverr and have someone translate this into another language it would cost me several thousand Euros per language to translate to. Yay!

English translation

Since the language I develop this game in is German, the game has to be translated into English as well. The current state of translation done is at 37% which means 3.023 lines are currently translated into English.

Recorded speech audio

Right now my text handling tool says that 78.3% ( 5.158 of 6.596 speech lines) of the voice over audio is recorded, which means that 1.462 lines of 27 characters are still unrecorded. I already have all the script sheets for the speakers ready and am currently casting.

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