Translation work

AC Speech Tool

My wifes currently helps a lot with translating the game into english in the evenings. To help with translating and also keeping track of the voice overs I developed a tool a while ago called "AC Speech Tool" (AC stands for Adventure Creator). You can throw in all text used in your AC created game (via CSV import) and work on it here which is way better than working on text in the Unity Engine. I will make this available to other game developers using Unity and Adventure Creator at some point, because it will help a lot with translations and voice overs.

New dictionary system

It now has a dictionary with all those special words, that are very specific to the game universe and also things that are used in various situations and have more then one right translation, to have a consistency throughout the game.

The new dictionary system

While translating, the user gets suggestions for translations in the language you selected as the current editing language when it recognizes scene names, character names or words, that are added to the dictionary.

Translation layout and suggestions

Automatic translations

There is even a button right of the speech line to have automatically translate it using the LibreTranslate web API, but the translations it delivers have a quality of the Google Translator 10 years ago: Good for a laugh, but bad for production (most of the time). It's pretty unusable. I'm thinking about integrating the DeepL API to have automatic translations via DeepL in the tool, which shouldn't be much work, but I'm not sure about it.

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