Unity, the killer

I just wanted to build the final version of the game demo. The only thing missing was one last audio file that I had to record. The recording went without problems and then I wanted to implemented the sound file into the project. When I copied the file over to the right directory and marked it as "Addressable" in the Unity Editor I immediately was completely shocked. What I saw in that moment was, that the new audio file was the only one in the project.

Unity did it again...

Yes, Unity did it again: It deleted things. 2883 references to audio files, to be precise. All of them renamed manually by me, so that Adventure Creator, the Unity Asset I use to create this game, can find and play them. All gone.

This was not the first time Unity did such brilliant things. I can't count anymore how many things I had to do more than once, repair damaged files and rebuilt whole scenes. There are still scenes in the current project, that are corrupted and that I have to fill with trees and plants again, because Unity lost track of prefabs. It's really frustrating.

I shoot from the hips when I say, that at least 40% of the production time was invested in doing things repeatedly. Things I did over and over again. To be fair it was not always Unity's fault. Some things are on me, because I learned a lot in developing this game.

Unity is like: "Oh, I see you installed a new version of Blender to test it. Then I corrupt all scenes that include Blender files, just to see how you react... irretrievable, of course."

Yes, I make project backups regulary and yes, I use a source control system to be quite save, but it's always a big amount of additional work that would be better used to create things instead of repairing things.

Last night was very short. Until next time, Unity.

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