Worms, worms, worms – They multiply!

Hi there,

the last 10 or so days I was busy creating characters for the game. Until then there were only 9 out of a total of around 50 characters ready. In most scenes there were dummy objects, mostly cylinders, that you could talk to. Now, the total worm count in the game is at 23, which means that almost half of the characters are done. And even though some of them are not final it is very motivating to have real characters in the game now that look, smile and laugh at you.

New worms

If I had to animate and create blend shapes for facial expressions for every single worm I wouldn’t be able to do it, but all animations I create for Looky are useable by any other character. A list of facial blend shapes like phonemes (for lip synching) and expressions are also available for all new characters. I only have to create those that are unique for a character.

In addition I recently bought a new asset pack from the Unity Asset Store that has 100 hats available game ready. I already used some of them for the new characters like the police officer and the Cannibal Chef and I tried to let Looky wear a christmas hat which makes him look quite festive:

Merry Wormsmas to everyone!

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