WME Visual Dialogue Editor

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Adventure Dialogue Editor is a tool to create dialogues and export them to Wintermute Engine (WME) with ease. It not only supports dialogues with the basic WME functions like characters talking, responseblocks including the response flags like showing always, once and once per game, but also features enhanced functionality by adding remarks and codelines directly in the editor.

  • English UI.
  • Windows only.


  • Easy creation and editing of dialogues
  • Features all WME dialogue script details like branching and response boxes
  • Dialogue branches support always/once/once flags
  • Direct export to WME script
  • List of characters with quick access
  • Character lists can be saved for using in different dialogue Projects
  • Easy integration of voice over sound files
  • Seamless integration of WME code lines and blocks
  • Remarks and codelines can be inserted
  • Addable conditions to every responseline
  • Optional automatic talking of the responselines after clicking


Download WME Visual Dialogue Editor V1.2 (564.6kB)
Download WME Visual Dialogue Editor from

Version history

Version 1.2
  • CHANGED: Talkline, remark and codeline editor windows deleted. Changes now can be made by double clicking the 3rd column and directly typing into the table. For changing the soundfile of a dialogue line double click the 4th column to open up a browser window to select a soundfile.
  • CHANGED: Moving lines in the dialogue id now done via CTRL+cursor up/down. Cursor up/down without CTRL now changes the actual highlighted line (In the dialogue table and in the responsebox editor).
  • CHANGED: When exporting as a WME script dialogue branches are only generated if a response box is present in the function.
  • CHANGED: Application renamed to "Adventure Dialogue Editor".
  • CHANGED: File extension for dialogues changed from ".vdedlg" to ".adedlg" to fit the new application name.
  • CHANGED: File extension for character lists changed from ".vdechr" to ".adechr" to fit the new application name.
  • ADDED: Menu entry "Associate files" to associate ".adedlg"-files to the editor.
  • ADDED: Menu entries for the last five open files are created now (recent files).
  • ADDED: Project file setting. If a project file is given, all voice-over soundfile paths will be made relative to the project path (if opened using the "browse for soundfile"-button. The Project file will be written to the project files.
  • ADDED: Application icon.
  • ADDED: Dirty flag. The application now recognises if the current project is not saved and asks if the user wants to save it before quitting, loading, etc.
Version 1.1
  • ADDED: Export for TDAE scripts.
Version 1.0
  • Initial version