WME Visual Script Editor

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A feature rich script editor for the Wintermute Engine (WME).

  • English UI
  • Windows only.


  • All WME methods including parameters and short descriptions are included
  • Syntax checking using 'wme_comp.exe'
  • Syntax highlighting
  • IntelliSense-like system when typing a dot (.)
  • Fast access to predefined script parts and user keywords
  • Script outup on a printer
  • Quick access to the Wintermute Enigne manual
  • Help window for all methods using F1
  • and of course all those other text editing features


Download WME Visual Script Editor V0.7 (87.6kB)
Download WME Visual Script Editor from

Version history

Version 0.7 (2007-10-05)
  • NEW: Pressing the F1-Key while something in the method list is selected opens a quickhelp window with further informations
  • NEW: A HTML viewer is integrated to show the help file *NEW: Child windows like Find/Replace/Help,... are now a bit transparent
Version 0.6a (2007-03-13)
  • NEW: The editor window now remembers it's position and size
  • FIX: WME methods were not colored correctly if characters like !+-*/ were in front
  • FIX: Switched app name and script name in the window title
  • FIX: If a method was more then one time in a line only the first one was colored
Version 0.6 (2007-02-08)
  • NEW: Added a direct link to the WME docs in the help menu
  • NEW: The WME methods and attributes and so on are now scanned from the xml-file that is included in all wme releases. So this app will grow as WME grows ...
  • FIX: Fixed some bugs with Minitellisense object recognition (Game, actor, Scene)
  • FIX: The flickering when running through the script using the arrow keys is gone
  • FIX: Problems with scripts bigger than 32kb fixed
  • FIX: New script loading routine (streambased, much faster)
  • FIX: When highlighting a whole script (after load or options change) the editor is locked to prevent scrolling of the whole script over the screen
Version 0.5 (2005-10-21)
  • NEW: If MinitelliSense method list is open you can scroll through it via cursor keys while holding down the CTRL key - pressing enter inserts the method to the script (while still pressing CTRL)
  • NEW: 'Game', 'actor' and 'Scene' are recognized as method members and the methods will be filtered (in MinitelliSense list)
  • NEW: Color requesters for the highlighting colors instead of those ugly RGB values
  • NEW: Text styles (bold,italic,underline) in addition to colors for syntax highlighting
  • NEW: Choosable font and font size for the Editor
  • NEW: Syntax checking via wme_comp.exe
  • FIX: Check for unsaved data when clicking on 'New'
Version 0.41 (2005-10-16)
  • FIX: The file was saved as 'Unnamed.script' if you loaded a new script or quitted and were asked if it should be saved and you chose yes - now the Save requester opens
  • FIX: Highlighting was deactivated by pressing a shift key
  • FIX: If no file extension is given but '.script", '.inc' or '.txt' then '.script' is added to the filename
Version 0.4 (2005-10-16)
  • NEW: VSE now checks if the actual script is unsaved before quitting/loading/...
  • NEW: Backward selecting is available
  • NEW: The methods list can now be opened and closed via 'ESC'-Key
  • FIX: Undo/Redo were killed in Version 0.2, now they're back again
Version 0.3 (2005-10-15)
  • NEW: Button 'Insert full parameters' below the tree view to insert full parameters instead of '()' when double clicking a method in the tree view
  • NEW: ReadMe file added
  • NEW: Splitter control between the editor and the tree view to change the horizontal scaling of both controls
  • NEW: Added program icon
  • FIX: Method list is direcly read from the WME Doc source
  • FIX: The open-requester now points to the exe path or the path of the last opened script
Version 0.2 (2005-10-14)
  • NEW: 'MinitelliSense' system that recognizes '.'-characters
  • NEW: Find & Replace are working
Version 0.1 (2005-10-13)
  • Initial release