Wormventures - Barrier 51

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A classic 3D cartoon point & click adventure game.

In a galaxy at the other end of the universe, on a planet called VERMIS, there are creatures so fearsome that it overwhelms all human imagination. Beings so wise and so far advanced that the very brightness of their aura would instantly blind our human eyes … well, not really 😉

The inhabitants of this planet are worms, pretty clever ones at that! Among them is the renowned inventor simply referred to as ‚Technologician‘. By means of a self-built seismograph he discovered that the volcano ‚Mount Spit‘ on the central island ‚Residenco Volcano‘, that was believed to be inactive for eons, may not be quite as dead as assumed. So the elders of the small island kingdom around Residenco Volcano decide to send out a brave hero to get an overview of the situation. As "luck" would have it Looky, your perfectly average worm, is assigned this dangerous task. Why dangerous? Legend has it that Residenco Volcano is inhabited by a tribe of cannibals that is reason enough for all worms to not set foot on this island (or more accurately: a tail, or tailtip, or … you know what I mean…).

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  • Visit more than 60 locations on several continents
  • Meet over 40 characters on your way
  • Reveal dark military secrets
  • Encounter unbelievable conspiracies
  • Win crazy drinking contests
  • Save planet Vermis from eternal subjugation

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